Session E – Tuesday, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Note: All sessions are open on a first come, first seated basis. Participants are free to attend whatever sessions they wish and come and go as they please.

E1 – Room 116
Communicating and Collaborating Though MS Office Tools
Moira Sherwood, Learning Specialist, School District 10
Want to be able to communicate, collaborate, and share with others without even leaving your office? This session will focus on how to use MS office tools to connect by text, audio, video as well as create live interactive meetings with others.

E2 – Room 117
Edmodo: Social Media for Your Classroom
Brenda MacDonald, Technology Mentor, School District 18
Our students love the interactive and collaborative networking capabilities of their popular social media tools on the web. Come see how you can leverage the power of these tools in the free and safe environment of Edmodo. From classroom discussions and content management to sharing and global project collaboration, Edmodo will allow you to run your classroom and your school in an easy to use and safe web-based environment.

E3 – Room 118
Digital Footprints; Personal Branding on the Web
Jeff Whipple, Technology Learning Mentor, School District 18
Write something as simple as an email and you’ve left a digital track on the web. With their appetite for social networking, our students are treading all over the digital landscape, often with little regard for the impressions they leave. We talk a lot about what NOT to post on the web, but their future will include a digital presence and will demand the skills to develop and manage their personal digital brands – our kids will need to be “google-able”. Let’s talk about how can we help them use their online presence as a 21st century calling card.

E4 - Room 119
Setting Up a Virtual Classroom
Chris Sherwood, Department of Education
This session will go over the ins and outs of setting up a virtual classroom on the NBED Student Portal. This includes posting assignments, using a discussion area, setting up a classroom calendar and using a student drop box for submitting and retrieving student work and much more.

E5 – Room 121
Teachers as Learners; Developing Your Personal Learning Network (PLN)
Al Steeves, Technology Mentor, School District 6
Twitter? Ning? Facebook? What do these have to do with school? Come find out how teachers (as learners) have begun to utilize the power of social media tools to connect, share and collaborate across the city, the province, the country and the world through their development of a Personal Learning Network.

E6 – Room 122
The Home Front: Using Technology to Connect with Parents
Rob Miller, Technology Mentor, School District 18
Communication with home can be very challenging and time consuming for teachers. This session with discuss how to make that easier while also making that connection stronger.

E7 – Room 123
Working with Technology; Tips and Tricks
Rob Hohmann & Lorie Grant, IT Staff, School District 18
Just-in-time technical support has been identified as one of the two critical indicators of successful 1:1 and technology-rich programs. If the technology isn’t working, teachers and students won’t use them consistently. As student dedicated netbooks and other technologies increase in number while IT staff remain limited, teamwork and understanding will be critical to supporting student computing. Come share tips, tricks and how-to’s of managing the technical support side of a successful program and getting the most out of your IS support resources.

E8 – Room 124
Math Make-and-Take SMART Notebook Lessons
Angela Taylor, Technology Mentor, School District 14
Participants will be creating Math lessons using SMART Notebook software. All lessons will be posted for other participants to use. The session will include pre-made templates and lessons for participants to use (but you do not have to use the ones provided). Participants can alter the lessons to suit their student's needs. This is also an opportunity to share with other educators of mathematics. Please come ready to create math warm-ups, exit questions, whole class lessons, journal ideas and many more items to aid in an interactive classroom. (K-8 will be the focus, but all are welcome to come and look for ideas.) Please be sure to have a fully charged laptop as well as a basic knowledge of SMART Notebook.

E9 (con't from D9) – Room 132 (MSTE Lab)
Geocaching: A Field Guide
Cheri Russell, Technology Mentor, School District 10
This session is designed to focus on using Geocaching as a learning tool. In this session, participants will learn how to program and navigate using a hand-held GPS system. GPS units will be provided. Please dress for the weather.