Session D – Tuesday, 9:45 – 10:45am

Note: All sessions are open on a first come, first seated basis. Participants are free to attend whatever sessions they wish and come and go as they please.

D1 – Room 116
Collaborating with Google Docs
Trudy Stiles, Woodstock High School
Learn how to use Google Docs to increase student engagement and to foster collaboration and on-line publication skills.

D2 – Room 117
21st Century Learning in an Elementary Classroom
James Dunn & Chris Graves, New Maryland Elementary School
This presentation will be centered broadly around 21C learning in a Elementary School, with specific examples from the 3-5 grade levels. Ideas shared include: The use of Web 2.0 tools including InterroBang, Khan Academy, blogs, Glogster, music in math, collaboration within schools and between different schools.

D3 – Room 118
Untangling Web 2.0
Kyle Schutt, Discovery Education
A Tangled Web of Content Untangled for Educators: There has never been more award-winning and innovative content on the Web to use in the classroom. How does a teacher cull through the sites for the best materials? During this session we'll explore the web to find safe source material and interactive web 2.0 sites that you can use to engage your students.

D4 - Room 119
Technology in a FSL Classroom
Sara McKay, Technology Mentor, School District 18
This session will focus on multiple software and web 2.0 tools that can be incorporated into your French as a Second Language classroom to engage your students and promote the use of the language.

D5 – Room 121
Teachers as Learners; Developing Your Personal Learning Network (PLN)
Al Steeves, Technology Mentor, School District 6
Twitter? Ning? Facebook? What do these have to do with school? Come find out how teachers (as learners) have begun to utilize the power of social media tools to connect, share and collaborate across the city, the province, the country and the world through their development of a Personal Learning Network.

D6 – Room 122
Connecting Classrooms: Managing Global Collaborative Projects
Heather Touchie Blakely, Nashwaaksis Middle School
As the world becomes flatter, the opportunity for students to learn together in a globally connected classroom are powerful tools to prepare our youth to work, play and learn as 21st century global citizens. Join us as we look at developing new literacy skills for the new global community and how to develop (or join) and manage a student-based, global collaborative project with your K-12 class.

D7 – Room 123
Working with Technology; Tips and Tricks
Rob Hohmann & Lorie Grant, IT Staff, School District 18
Just-in-time technical support has been identified as one of the two critical indicators of successful 1:1 and technology-rich programs. If the technology isn’t working, teachers and students won’t use them consistently. As student dedicated netbooks and other technologies increase in number while IT staff remain limited, teamwork and understanding will be critical to supporting student computing. Come share tips, tricks and how-to’s of managing the technical support side of a successful program and getting the most out of your IS support resources.

D8 – Room 124
Blogging 101
Cindy Lawrence, Southern Carleton Elementary School
If you would like to learn more about blogging or are just getting started with blogging than this is the session for you. Topics covered: how to set up a blog, adding pages, links, pictures, blog roll, widgets, helpful sites to enhance your blog (slide share, blabberize, etc).

D9 / E9 – Room 132 (MSTE Lab)
Geocaching: A Field Guide
Cheri Russell, Technology Mentor, School District 10
This session is designed to focus on using Geocaching as a learning tool. In this session, participants will learn how to program and navigate using a hand-held GPS system. GPS units will be provided. Please dress for the weather.