Session C – Monday, 2:30 – 3:30pm

Note: All sessions are open on a first come, first seated basis. Participants are free to attend whatever sessions they wish and come and go as they please.

C1 – Room 116
RSS – Making the Web Work For You
Carm Desjardins, Technology Mentor, School District 18
Are you online a lot? Constantly visiting numerous websites on a daily basis? Learn how you can set up an RSS feed to have these websites send you their news via Netvibes and/or Microsoft Outlook (not Web Access)

C2 – Room 117
Geocaching Inside Your Classroom – Bring the Outside Treasure Hunt In
Cheri Russell, Technology Mentor, School District 10
Bring your laptop and explore the theory and history behind Geocaching - the World Wide Treasure Hunt where YOU are the search engine! Brainstorm some ways to use the theory behind geocaching to engage your students and augment your lessons!

C3 – Room 118
Weaving the Story of Learning with Digital Storytelling
Kyle Schutt, Discovery Education
Storytelling, though an ancient form of transmitting information, is still one of the most potent teaching and learning strategies in the 21st Century. Constructing stories requires deep understanding not just of discreet facts and knowledge, but also of the rich context of that information. Join us for an exploration of the creative ways to engage students across the curriculum with digital storytelling.

C4 - Room 119
Creative Commons – Raw Materials for a Digital Landscape
Jeff Whipple, Technology Learning Mentor, School District 18
Student digital content creation is a pillar of 21st century learning. When we build anything, we need raw materials for construction. Creative Commons content provides new opportunities for creators and learners to locate and share raw digital materials (text, images, video, music) for the construction of new digital creations. Come find out how to use Creative Commons to teach your students about intellectual property rights and provide learners with raw materials for their digital constructions.

C5 – Room 121
The Blogging Bug
Krista Webb-Scheers
This session is for people who have been bitten by the blogging bug (have some blogging experience) and would like learn new ways to enhance your blog through videos, collaborative Global Projects, Voicethreads, etc. It will also cover ways to enhance your PLN (Professional Learning Network) using your blog, Skype, Twitter etc.

C6 – Room 122
$Zero – The New Cost of Education
Wayland Dickson, Technology Mentor, School District 14
An introduction to quality software available to teachers and students for FREE! Laptop computers are not required but certainly welcome as we discover many tools that can be used in creating and communicating in (and out of) our classrooms.

C7 – Room 123
A SMART 1:1 Environment
Rick Hayward & Joey Savoy, Technology Mentors, School District 16
This session will focus on how educators can use SMART technology to maximize the potential of student learning in a 1:1 classroom environment

C8 – Room 124
Teachers as Learners; Developing Your Personal Learning Network (PLN) (en francais)
Al Steeves, Technology Mentor, School District 6
Twitter? Ning? Facebook? What do these have to do with school? Come find out how teachers (as learners) have begun to utilize the power of social media tools to connect, share and collaborate across the city, the province, the country and the world through their development of a Personal Learning Network.