Session B – Monday, 11:00am – 12:00pm

Note: All sessions are open on a first come, first seated basis. Participants are free to attend whatever sessions they wish and come and go as they please.

B1 – Room 116
"What's Up Doc?"; Video as a Learning Tool
Philip Sexsmith, Learning Specialist, School District 18
This session will look at an innovative literacy project that utilizes video as a medium for student work and for creating documentaries! The literacy and planning components of the project will be emphasized as well as the final product, the "What's Up Doc" Film Festival.

B2 – Room 117
Digital Storytelling with Story Jumper
Cheri Russell, Technology Mentor, School District 10
Story Jumper is an on-line application that allows students to publish their stories on-line or in print! See how easy it is to set up a class or sign up for an account. Story Jumper allows you to create graphics from props, images and backgrounds that can be accompanied by various styles and amounts of supporting text. Bring your Teacher Notebook and try out this application first hand. You'll leave with several ideas for your students to write and represent!

B3 – Room 118
Glogster 101 – Get Your Glog On!
Kyle Schutt, Discovery Education
Transform old school poster projects into beautiful multi-media digital posters and start Glogging! No more glue, scissors, poster board, and mess - digital text, graphics, audio, and video have replaced all that with Glogster EDU's easy-to-learn, drag and drop format. With Glogster's safe, teacher-controlled virtual classroom environment, you and your students will be creating dynamic content in no time!

B4 - Room 119
iPads in Education
Apple Canada
Presenting an overview of the iPad 2 and some of the top education apps available to support learning. Join us as we discuss how the iPad can change the way technology is used in the classroom.

B5 – Room 121
Free Web Tools for Classrooms
Rob Miller, Technology Mentor, School District 18
Variety is the spice of life. Free web tools allow you and your students to go beyond "powerpoints" and create and collaborate in many different venues. You will enjoy it and your students will thank you.

B6 – Room 122
$Zero – The New Cost of Education
Wayland Dickson, Technology Mentor, School District 14
An introduction to quality software available to teachers and students for FREE! Laptop computers are not required but certainly welcome as we discover many tools that can be used in creating and communicating in (and out of) our classrooms.

B7 – Room 123
A SMART 1:1 Environment
Rick Hayward & Joey Savoy, Technology Mentors, School District 16
This session will focus on how educators can use SMART technology to maximize the potential of student learning in a 1:1 classroom environment

B8 – Room 124
e-Publishing (en francais)
Marc Michaud, Technology Mentor, School District 14
Publier des livres d'enfants sous format pdf est très facile et aussi très pratique. Cette session va démontrer comment un étudiant peut créer un livre d'enfant qui peut ensuite être lu sur un lecteur portatif, genre iPod touch ou iPad. L'élève crée ses propres dessins qui seront ensuite utilis