Session A – Monday, 9:45 – 10:45am

Note: All sessions are open on a first come, first seated basis. Participants are free to attend whatever sessions they wish and come and go as they please.

A1 – Room 116
Windows 7 Tips and Tricks
Carm Desjardins, Technology Mentor, School District 18
Unleash the power of Windows with numerous tips and tricks that can make your computer use more efficient. Many tips (but not all) are Windows 7-specific. For example, what are "Aero effects" and how to I easily extend my desktop screen or quickly minimize all windows to the Desktop? This is an introductory session and NOT designed for advanced users.

A2 – Room 117
Get Your Blog On in an Elementary Classroom
Lindsay Levesque & Laura Vail, New Maryland Elementary School
This session will demonstrate how the classroom blog can be a powerful, motivating cross-curricular tool in the K-5 Classroom. We will look at several examples of classroom blogs from a variety of levels, provide resources as a starting point, and examine a blog's potential benefits in all subject areas.

A3 – Room 118
I Can Do THAT With PowerPoint?
Kyle Schutt, Discovery Education
We all know that the computer, projector and PowerPoint have replaced the old slide projector, but did you know that PowerPoint can also be combined with digital videos, sounds, effects and interactive boards to create engaging multimedia presentations? During this session will explore the necessary (and not-so-scary) steps for integrating digital media with PowerPoint.

A4 - Room 119
iPads in Education
Apple Canada
Presenting an overview of the iPad 2 and some of the top education apps available to support learning. Join us as we discuss how the iPad can change the way technology is used in the classroom.

A5 – Room 121
Free Web Tools for Classrooms
Rob Miller, Technology Mentor, School District 18
Variety is the spice of life. Free web tools allow you and your students to go beyond "powerpoints" and create and collaborate in many different venues. You will enjoy it and your students will thank you.

A6 – Room 122
Using Google Docs in Your Classroom
Scott Parks, Bliss Carman Middle School
Google Documents (Docs) is a powerful office suite that exists on the web. It can be accessed and used from any Internet enabled device such as a laptop, netbook, tablet or cell phone, regardless of the operating system or age. Best of all, it is free for anyone and everyone and requires no software to be installed. During this session, we will explore the set up of students with a Google Account and how to get them up and running with Google Docs. Discussion will surround the positive uses for Google Docs in your classroom.

A7 – Room 123
Let’s Make a Photo
Wendy Thomas, Technology Mentor, School District 17
This session will explore a digital photography mini unit that can be used with students of any age. We will look at 5 techniques involved in taking better photos, as well as online sites and software that will allow students to do some basic photo-editing. This hands-on session for beginners will require you to bring your camera, cables, charged batteries, and laptop.

A8 – Room 124
e-Publishing (English)
Marc Michaud, Technology Mentor, School District 14
Learn how students can easily create children books and publish them to pdf. Books in pdf can then be transferred to mobile devices such as iPod touches and iPads for later reading. The session will show how students can create their own artwork, scan and then import them into Word. Text is then added to the images, once the book is ready they are printed to pdf.