learneastlogo.jpgWhy attend?

As we move forward into the heart of the 21st Century, there’s still a lot of conversations to be had around just what the new information-rich global community means for us as learning leaders. While many questions remain to be answered one thing is for certain; the way we access knowledge, interact with information and communicate our understandings within a new globally-connected digital landscape will shape our roles as learners.

New Brunswick has been a world leader in leveraging technology for learning. Initiatives at the provincial, district and school levels have returned aver 30 schools with dedicated one-to-one student laptop programs, while other schools have seen a dramatic rise in access to technology that has the power to change the learning narrative for our students.

With this growth of one-to-one and technology-rich learning environments, this event is focused on preparing existing and new teachers to manage the tools on a daily basis, embed technology into their learning environments and begin the shift towards a 21st Century model where both teachers and students share in the learning.

The event is hosted jointly by School District 14 and School District 18, but we extend an open invitation to other educators from around the province (and outside the province!), especially those interested in technology-enriched learning environments, to join us in the conversations about a new story of learning.

Registration is FREE for everyone but out-of-town participants are responsible for their own accommodations and/or travel.